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Improving people’s lives through transformational medical technologies and services.
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To achieve a society of harmony and abundance.
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To meet the real need of our customers.
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To win trust from our customers.
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Our Technical Support Department has strong backup for the products.
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For all the products we supply, we ensure to keep close tracking and after-sales service.

Techinical specification:
◆Illuminating light:1 pc   
◆Spay gun(unbent:3 pcs & bent 1 pcs):4 pcs 
◆Suction gun:1 pc  
◆Blowing gun:1 pc 
◆Halogen cold light:1 pc   
◆Throat endoscope preheater:1 pc
◆Salve pot: 6 pcs  
◆Medical bottle:6 pcs 
◆Medical vessel:2 pcs 
◆Instrument bottle:6 pcs      
◆Big instrument tray:2 pcs 
◆Kidney tray:1 pc
◆Luxury Dotor stool:1 pc 
◆Compressor:1 pc  
◆Vacuum pump:1 pc
◆Built-in waste tank:2 pcs
◆Luxury thin film viewer:1 pc
◆LCD control system:1pc

Endoscope imaging system
ENT endoscope
Patient chair(diffrent colors are optional for customers' favorite)
Warm water system
Two menory for patient chair

Power voltage: 220V / 50~60HZ
Power: 1600VA(max)

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