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Improving people’s lives through transformational medical technologies and services.
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To achieve a society of harmony and abundance.
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◆Scientific and perfect diagnosis device
◆ Convenient equipment management system
◆ Intelligence LCD control system
◆ Constant temperature ear rinsing system with disinfectant pipeline
◆ Patient chair designed by human engineering ergonomics controlled by hand and foot switch(with memory patient chair and urgent equipment)
◆ Professional medical 1 CCD camera system with clear,colorful,steady advantage
◆ Luxury doctor stool designed with ergonomics philosophy, making doctor work easier.

Techinical Specification:
◆ Main treatment table (1 set)
◆ Instrument tray (2 sets)
◆ Sprayer (3 sets): 2 straight and 1 curved
◆ Suction system (1 set): with 0~740mmHg suction pressure and 2 pcs φ3 suction tube and 3 pcs φ2.5 suction tube
◆ Drainage system (1 set): 2 built-in waste collecting bottles(main bottle 2500ml volume, assisted bottle 500ml volume), 1 water collector, 1 watter heater
◆ Air supply system (1 set)
◆ Disinfecting vessel (3 sets)
◆ Operating light: power 12V/50W, there types adjustable and adiabatic
◆ Pre-heater: power 450W, computer controlled with time setting 3s to 20s
◆ Cold light source (1set): power 350W, different types adjustable
◆ Luxury film viewer (1 set)
◆ Endoscope holder (1 set)
◆ Built-in instrument collector (1 set)
◆ Medical cup (1 set)
◆ Luxury doctor chair(1 set): can be set up and down with 360° circumrotate
◆ LCD screen control system:
   ■Self-testing when power on
   ■Shut off automatically  if no operation in 4 hours
   ■Show and adjust the preheater time
   ■Show spray working status
   ■Warm water control system
   ■Operating light with three-type adjustment
   ■Cold light source with different adjustment
   ■Patient chair with 2 memory setting
   ■Electricity saving mode(1 hour)
   ■Air compressor can cut off intelligently for safety

◆ Panasonic  KS-822  1CCD camera(with fiber connector)
◆ Panasonic CM1420 colorful  monitor (1 set)
◆ Endoscope (3 pcs): 1 laryngoscope,1 otoscope,1 inasoscope with high temperature disinfection
◆ Motor patient chair (1 set)
◆ Professional ENT computer workstation (1 set): 320G hard disk, PD 3.0 CUP, DVD-ROM, 15” LCD displaying, printer
◆ LED head light(1 set)

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